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In a cesarean birth (C-section), the baby is delivered through an incision in the mother’s abdomen and uterus (womb). C-Section births exceed 30% in USA, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Turkey, Korea, Portugal, Australia, Thailand, and other countries. China is the only country where C-section births exceed 40%. The number of cesarean sections in the U.S. has risen nearly 46% since 1996.

Every C-Section is a major abdominal surgery that leaves a scar. The size of your C-section scar will depend on several factors: the size and position of the baby, whether the C-section was planned or not, etc. Generally, the C-section scar is around 4-6 inches (10-15 cm) long and 1/8 inch (0.3 cm) wide.

Usually the “bikini cut” incision is used but sometimes the “classical” incision will be made vertically from just below the belly button (naval) to just above the pubic bone. To close the wound, some surgeons prefer to use staples whereas others still use suture; there is little statistical evidence to show that one way or another will increase or decrease the size or the appearance of the scar.

Treatment. Initially, the C-section scar will be red, raised and could itch. After the wound is closed you should start using a silicone based product like Strataderm to make the scar softer, flatter and smoother and to relieve itching. The majority of women will develop “mature” C-section scars by the sixth month after delivery. If you have darker skin and/or are prone to keloids you should consult a physician before the C-Section.

Strataderm, a silicone gel for scar treatment is now available on Strataderm is ideal for safe and effective treatment and prevention of scars including:

–       burn scars
–       cesarean sections scars (C-Section scars)
–       acne scars
–       keloid scars
–       hypertrophic scars
–       plastic surgery scars (e.g. breast augmentation scar, rhinoplasty scar, eyelid surgery scar, liposuction scar, tummy tuck scar)
–       scars related to cancer (e.g. mastectomy scar, mole removal scar, melanoma removal scar)

If you are having problems with scars, you’re not the only one. Amanda Holden, the English actress better known for being a judge on Britain’s Got Talent has keloid scars.

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A keloid scar is one in which there is overgrowth of dense fibrous tissue. This usually develops after the injury has healed. It extends beyond the borders of the original wound. It does not normally regress spontaneously, and it will usually recur after excision. This contrasts with hypertrophic scars, which stay within the borders of the original wound. Silicone based products, like Strataderm, are very effective in keloid scar treatment and prevention.

As part of its effort to enter the fast-growing and high-potential Scar Management segment, Glenmark has in-licensed its first product for the Indian market. The company entered into a strategic in-licensing agreement with the Swiss firm, Stratpharma to market and distribute Strataderm in India.

AS Mohanty, director of formulations, said: “The scar management segment has, so far, not been a focus area for pharmaceutical companies and we are glad to make an entry into this segment with a product that could be used on scars caused due to a variety of reasons.

“This is our first in-licensed product for the Indian market and we will continue to pursue in-licensing opportunities to bridge product gaps in operating therapy areas as well as in-license differentiated products to strengthen our product portfolio. We will continue to look for more in-licensing opportunities in the dermatology segment to strengthen our leadership position in this area.”

Strataderm was developed for use on all types of scars including those resulting from general surgery, trauma, chronic wounds, burns, bites, acne and other diseases of the skin. It can be used on old or new scars, once the wound is healed (Epithelialized). Strataderm is ideal for people with sensitive skin and for children, said the company.

The product has been developed using a new silicone polymer technology that is self drying without the use of Silicone Dioxide. The product will be available in a gel formulation in a 10g tube.

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (GPL) is a research-driven, global, fully integrated pharmaceutical company headquartered at Mumbai, India. It employs over 4100 people across its global operations and its shares are listed on India’s two large stock exchanges, the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE).

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