We get asked a lot how effective silicone really is for scar treatment and prevention. With a number of products on the market that show little or no efficacy (e.g. onion extract creams, which have been proven to be no better than a cheap petroleum gel) it is not surprising that people don’t really trust all the claims.

However, this is a good example of silicone gel’s effectiveness for scar treatment. A silicone gel (Strataderm) has been applied to a linear hypertrophic scar 14 months after mole removal surgery (nevus excision). After only two months of use the difference is pretty obvious (left scar remained untreated, right scar treated for two months):


Silicone’s efficacy and ease of use are the reason why silicone gels have become the product of choice for plastic surgeons and dermatologists worldwide when treating and preventing scars including:

–       burn scars
–       cesarean sections scars (C-Section scars)
–       acne scars
–       keloid scars
–       hypertrophic scars
–       plastic surgery scars (e.g. breast augmentation scar, rhinoplasty scar, eyelid surgery scar, liposuction scar, tummy tuck scar)
–       scars related to cancer (e.g. mastectomy scars, mole removal scars, melanoma removal scars)